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Women Like Me: Launch Event

  • 29 Wootton Street London, England, SE1 8LX United Kingdom (map)



There will be a scene setting with a video, and a short intro into what Women of People Like Me is all about and an introduction to design thinking.


Name. Age. Where are you from? Why are you here? Very simple. A physical activity will be thrown in for good measure...and some badge making!


What does it mean to be a minority woman in and outside of the work place? Working in pairs we will sketch and explore the language used in society to describe black and asian women in specific scenarios.


What experiences do we all go through as black and asian women? Drawing on the above excerise, we will work in pairs to map out our experiences then discuss them.


Why has 'token' become to be an accepted and normalised term? How can we make the work place more inclusive and empathetic so we can feel comfortable?


Using an XY axis explore examples and opportunity spaces for solutions to social and strucutural issues we can all relate to that we have discussed in our group.