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Women Like Me: Business and Entrepreneurship

  • 68 Hanbury Street London, England, E1 5JP United Kingdom (map)


To celebrate our collaboration with Second Home, this special edition of Women Like Me will focus and shed light on issues that women deal with in business and entrepreneurship.


The best part of any event is the icebreakers! Let's reflect back on last months session then take part in a fun energiser!


Story telling is used all over the world to bring communities closer together and create common value. BAME communities have recently found their voices in media after years of exclusion, false representation and inaccurate narrative.

Let's hear stories from female entrepreneurs at Second Home to learn more about the challenges they face today and how to overcome them.

Empathy exercise

After noting down emotions you resonated or recognised in the stories told, gather in groups to discuss them and think of questions you would like to ask during the panel discussion or fireside chats.

Panel discussion

Let's take a deep dive into the stories told by our female entrepreneurs and leaders. What structural obstacles do they face today? How do they navigate in an industry where female led start ups receive only 9% funding in the UK and just 17% of founders are women?

Fireside chat

This is your chance to get close and personal with your favourite guest speaker with informal conversation. Ask them anything - no question is off limits!